Sempre Dolce

Hey there! My name is Lexi, I’m so glad you’re here.

First things first: Sempre Dolce the blog was born from a love of baking, while Sempre Dolce the name from my love of the piano and classical music (Sempre Dolce means always sweet in Italian and always sweetly in musical terms). I chose the name to combine my two ♥s.

SD is a partnership between my brother Landon and I. Because I don’t know my way around a camera, he takes care of the food visuals while I keep things sweet in the kitchen.

Let’s get better acquainted, shall we? 

I am the youngest of seven kids; I play the piano, love any food with a Mexican flair, am mad for lime cokes, and my heart melts for kouign amann like the butter inside. I was born and currently live in Texas, but think a part of me must also have been born in New England because I would rather live there!

I love food in general but have a special vein that flows with sugar, so guess the primary food group you will be seeing around here…

…I like dessert, what can I say??

Landon is an award winning nature photographer, and before branching into food spent time hanging around and photographing nature, mainly birds. His photos have been featured in multiple publications – you can check out his work here.

Now that we have become acquainted, please sit back, relax, and enjoy with me the joys of baking, eating, and then groaning at the mess created in the process!

Cottura Felice! (Happy Baking!)

7 comments on “About”

  1. Hey! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! :) Details can be found here: I apologise if you've already been nominated, or if you don't qualify because you have more than 200 followers :)
  2. Hey Lexi, I just found your blog and I'm excited to try some of your recipes!!! YUM! I also wanted to ask you about possibly featuring one or two of your recipes on our site, Land of Nosh. Would you shoot me an email and I'll send you the details? Thanks so much! I am excited to hear from you! Marcia Land of Nosh Enjoy Meal Planning!
  3. Beautiful blog, Lexi, and beautiful family! That's so sweet that you and your mom create and share the recipes together; my mom and I also love doing that. And it was so fun to read that you enjoy classical music and play piano, as I do too. Gorgeous photography and lovely recipes, so glad to have found your blog :)
    • You are so sweet! We're pretty much all food lovers/chefs/bakers in my family. I was wondering if I was the only person in the blogging world with a love of classical music, it seriously made my day me ecstatic to find out that I'm not! I'm so glad you visited - we definitely need to stay in touch. :) I love your blog and the story behind it! It's so pretty (photography included) and your recipes look delicious. :) Thanks so much again for visiting and for the sweet comments, it truly made my day! :)

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