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A little last minute Halloween Dessert (Dirt Pie)

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Hello there and a very Happy Halloween to all! I have a busy day ahead of me (most of it doesn’t even involve the holiday other than doing some last minute pumpkin carving, lol) so I am going to keep this post short and to the point.



I know there are probably a few of us out there that either put off making a special dessert, were far too busy to even think about it, or just didn’t even know what to make. For those of you who fit these descriptions, I have good news: today I am sharing with you probably the most perfect last minute dessert you are going to find! It’s quick, easy, fun, and super tasty, it’s Dirt Pie.



Monster Monster Cookie Dough Truffles

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Halloween is almost here and I’m trying to squeeze in the last of my themed desserts while I can before moving on to Thanksgiving goodness and then… CHRISTMAS!!! Anyway… this past week has been nothing but a dessert failure for me; it began with a cheesecake venture that started out as miniature cheesecakes with a surprise inside (I’m not going to say what the surprise is as hopefully a better result will be up on the blog at some point this week) but somehow morphed into cheesecake squish balls dipped in chocolate ganache – how much further away from individual cheesecakes topped with chocolate ganache could you get? I know. Then… came the cake balls. Oh yes, the cake balls. Do ever get one idea that just seems to keep changing into another? That happens to me a lot. Anyway, this was one of those things. It started out as an idea to make a cake that consisted purely of cake balls but then when looking up the idea to see if that sort of thing even existed, so I would know how on earth to cut/serve/eat it, I couldn’t find anything but cakes wrapped in cake balls.



Homemade Oreos

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It’s getting closer and closer to Halloween and it seems to be getting warmer here in Texas… alas, most likely no cool holiday here! I guess I can pretend – especially with these homemade Oreos.




Dirt n Worms Frozen Custard Concrete for Halloween

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Halloween used to be one of my favorite holidays of the year and, it probably still is to some extent, I only wish I lived in a state where fall actually is a season!

vintage halloween owl



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