Month: July 2014

Sugar Muffins

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Birthdays have always been a special affair in my family. It started when we were all young and continues today. Even when we were young however, one of the main ways we have always celebrated the day was in planning our birthday menu.


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Help for the nervous blues

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I get stage fright (who doesn’t?) anytime I perform. Whether it is for something important or for the least stressful affair, it doesn’t matter. Even when I don’t seem to be nervous somehow my nerves kick in and it affects my performance level greatly. There was only one time when it didn’t and that was a time when I was so mad about – get this – in which order I was playing at a certain event (you play and receive a critique sheet, that sort of thing) that I was out to prove myself the best of the bunch. Okay, so right now you are probably thinking that I must be pretty full of myself. The answer to that is: to the best of my knowledge I am not. I actually am almost the opposite, and in fact, since that day even though I have tried (as that proved to be my best performance) I have not been able to get that same drive to execute a satisfying performance (it is rather a joke in my family though).


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Frozen Pink Punch

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I don’t know if I’m a little out of it when it comes to what kinds of beverages (other than alcohol…) are being served at parties/events or not, but regardless, punch is one beverage that I still enjoy immensely!



Easy & Inexpensive Summer Activities For Kids, part 3

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