Month: March 2014

An article on pianist Daniil Trifonov

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I read this article this morning and found it interesting. I can so sympathize with shyness! Here is the link:

On another note… once again I have been super busy and unable to post (déjà vu). I apologize. I have been baking but I have not been able to find the time for pictures and posting. I will hopefully, hopefully, be back with recipes by the next week or so. Until then I am going to try and keep posting about other things.

Do keep checking!

Some baking highlights of my week have been, making my first batch of freshly squeezed lemonade of the year and trying out (again in an attempt to find one like JD’s) 2 new cookie recipes. Plus, baking one of the batches of cookies in a whoopie pie pan!

My handy dandy juicer
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Where has the time gone?

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Whew! Oh my! and Wow! would be three words that would accurately describe my last week. My family and I were in a frenzy between nieces spending the night  and then having to clean like crazy prepare for my young cousins annual two week vacation that they spend with us. So as I said before: whew!


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Imagine being a concert pianist – documentary

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Here is a documentary that I have watched before, enjoyed, and think you will too. It addresses the question of what it is like to be a concert pianist today. Whether you are into classical music/classical piano or not, I highly recommend watching this 1 hour documentary – enjoy!

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

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IMG_0440I love good things. Sweet, simple, but good – very good- things. I blog about my appreciation of the good life here, but since this is a food blog, my post is about something very sweet, very good, and surprisingly simple. Enter Smitten Kitchen’s Chocolate Peanut Butter cake. This cake is quite possibly the most genius recipe ever. It is a basic chocolate cake x 3 layers, a creamy , not too peanut buttery filling and, if that weren’t enough for you, a luscious ganache that covers the entire cake. Any of the pieces from a component that stands on its own, but put together, makes a cake that is no-fail easy and impressive. I have big plans for using the cake batter for other recipes that are floating in my sweets-addled brain right now. In the meantime, go make this cake. Now. Do not wait another minute and go get your baking on!


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